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Department of Mathematical Analysis

      The chair of mathematical analysis of the St. Petersburg (Leningrad) State University has been created in the 1930 by professor G. Fikhtengolts and was headed by him till 1953. He was succeeded in this position by V. Smirnov (19531956), S. Lozinskii (19561960), I. Natanson (19601964), B. Vulikh (19641978), B. Pavlov (19791983), S. Vinogradov (19831997), V. Khavin (19982004), and N. Shirokov (since 2004). Academy of Sciences members S. Bernstein, L. Kantorovich, and professors G. Goluzin, G. Akilov have been professors of the chair for a long time. Later, in the 7090s, a large number of graduate and post-graduate students were pupils of professors N. Lebedev, B. Makarov, G. Natanson, N. Nikolskii, M. Solomyak, A. Vershik, D. Vladimirov.

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