Sergey Mikhailovich Lozinskii

S.M.Lozinskii in 1974

(1914 - 1985)

S.M.Lozinskii headed the Chair of Mathematical Analysis from 1956 to 1960. The most part of his research concerned constructive function theory and computation theory.

In constructive function theory Lozinskii obtained remarkable results on interpolation of functions, on summation methods for Fourier series, on the theory of the best approximation.

Lozinskii made an important contribution to the error estimation methods for various types of approximate solutions of ordinary differential equations. He obtained rather strong error estimations for Adams method, introduced new classes of methods of numerical integration of differential equations. These works are of great interest not only for the theory of computational methods but also for the theory of ordinary differential equations, as well as for classic analysis (for example, Lozinskii obtained important estimations of the domain size of the inverse and implicit functions).

For 20 years Lozinskii was president of the Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) Mathematical Society. He combined best merits of a great scientist such as intelligence, charm, tact and wit.

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